Mass Market / Permanent

Given that the number of sales areas is increasing, with more than 25,000 represented references, it is thus strategic for the brands to be present in HM/SM, with aisle-end furniture which faces the gangway or which is placed directly within the linear ways.

Our design office very quickly focused its thoughts on eco-design, following an eco-friendly course of action, for each one of the materials to be able to be separated and easily reprocessed in their recycling field, and for them to meet the requirements stated in the REACH directive when produced.

CPIGLOBAL, with its design office and integrated factories (cardboard, plastic, metal) and its production factories in China and Eastern Europe, offers a whole set of long-lived POS-A to its customers: framing of linear ways, four-sided counters, cross merchandising, interactive terminals, even up to the complete redefinition of a category universe…