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In the field of the new technologies, the offers are excessive and often difficult to understand for the shopper.

The goal of the points of sales is to clarify these offers and to reduce the waiting time.

To do so, the brands are promoting the emphasis of their product by creating specific furniture which enables them to foster the experience of the shopper. Through interactive devices, the consumer can play, test and knowingly choose the product that suits him, whether s/he is a “gamer” or a social networks’ user.

And as to dealing with waiting lines, CPIGLOBAL developed several tools designed to optimize automatic distribution and sale by enabling customers to pay through RFID.

However, it still remains impossible, even in a really digital and technological context, to break with “traditional” POS-A, i.e. a pretty pylon sign bearing the promotion of the moment, a permanent piece of furniture or an event stand with the best sales.

In this context, our design office very quickly focused its thoughts on the quality and nature of the materials, following an eco-friendly course of action, for each one of them to be able to be separated and easily reprocessed in their recycling field, and for them to meet the requirements stated in the REACH directive when produced.