House equipment and DIY

55,000. It’s the average number of references per point of sale in DIY superstores. Needless to say that it is getting arduous for the brands to win new customers, but strategies are clear: they bank on the service, the set and the display of the offers via a segmentation which has to be clear and well visible for the shopper.

As for the advertisers, they have to increase the visibility via animations with high creation of added value where product display and customer experience are mixed together (conclusive road show with promotion of the product, storage piece of furniture with an attractive and striking design or promotional packaging…)

The number of touch or TV screens is growing to help the consumer, in a world where the department manager is often busy, to find the solution on his own. Finding the right parquet and how to lay it or simply choosing the right dishwasher thus becomes an easy task because the consumer is now able to compare the products directly inside the store and in real time via an interactive comparison software.

Installation of such displays in this market environment is no easy task and the advertisers have often recourse to our installation teams to put in pieces of furniture or to display promotional sales.