Real estate agencies & corporations

Even if the Internet remains the most important means of communication for a real estate agency, the most dynamic among them don’t forget that the aesthetic improvement of their window, as well as the quality with which properties for sale or for rent are displayed, both leave their mark on the prospective purchaser or seller.

Thus, more and more real estate agencies are now using LED illuminated poster-signs in A4 or A3 format, which are low-energy and can thus stay on for hours. A better attraction of the shopper and the ability of showing your difference then become the watchword.

More modern, the thermo-regulated and anti-UV rays “Special for Windows” digital screens enable you to display more properties on an often tiny and limited Window space.

In a very competitive environment, real estate agents have to put in place several tools enabling them to stand out and to be even more visible than before. Therefore, the shopping website BMS offers you a wide range of communication tools, among which you can find the Akylux signs “FOR SALE – FOR RENT”.