The drink and grocery market is a very complex sector. Being governed by legal requirements and by a very strong competition in a polluted sound and visual environment, brands have no alternative but to stand out by sharing multi-sensory experiences with their customers.

The development of specific furniture, which is enhancive for the brand or the category, is continually evolving with more and more ingenious systems to make the product available: gravitational retailing, visual and design enhancement, spectacular mechanical and electronic effects, theme segmentation

One goal: making the offer clearer via industrial solutions.

Sales event and event promotion are also an important area of commercial development with the setting up, in supermarkets, of corners or road shows, which bear the values of the brand.

And, finally, in order to sell more effectively, to inform more and to boost cross merchandising, the integration of linear touch screens with SMS or Bluetooth into the heart of the products helps the consumer in his choices.