For car dealers, protecting and making their showroom attractive is one of the priorities in order to put the future buyer in the most favorable buying position.

That’s why many car dealers offer to their consumers the possibility to create “THEIR” car, via touch screen terminals, by choosing their model, their colors, the options, the color of the seats… In free access (when the salesperson is already busy) or to back up a sales talk (by the salesperson), a touch screen terminal on giant screen is a dynamic and impactful tool which, according to the results, can boost the sales.

Small interactive display stands are also springing up near the vehicles, replacing thus simple and traditional POS-A and putting forward the characteristics of the displayed models with videos and configurators.

The installation of interactive or passive screens within the dealership’s after sales service area meets several goals and contributes to increase the sense of being a member of the brand. These modern devices help the consumer to choose a specific accessory and make him wait in the reception area while the vehicle is handed over. These devices reduce the sense of waiting and the anxiety-producing effect of the passing of time.

For second-hand vehicles, traditional poster-signs are gradually replaced by LED poster-signs which are cost-effective, clearly visible and, above all, more modern!