Attracting new customers and having a modern image via the window, making a customer wait when an appointment has been made, spreading a piece of news and reducing the sense of waiting, these are the main goals of modern banks which protect their physical network and the customer path by improving the reception and significantly increasing the service.

This is why some networks combine window high-brightness screens in very large formats with high-brightness LED poster-signs (400 x 600, 800 x 1,200…). The impact is striking and, on an electronic device, it results in an almost immediate and real-time spreading of news. Handling the spreading of news becomes simple and quick and the operating costs are highly decreasing.

But, nowadays, the must in the field of communication is the spreading of “shaped” contents, by addressing a target with a dedicated content. This is how the customers of some banks, while waiting for their appointment, can, on an interactive terminal or a TV screen and via an analysis tool as well as a sophisticated algorithm, consult information which concerns them, through the immediate analysis of their sex (man/woman) and age.

The new technologies age is spreading through the banking networks and insurance agencies and that is why we also find solutions to send offers directly on mobile phones and the digital media convergence to 360° then becomes the watchword.