Hotel business & Catering

The huge number of French hotels and the multiplicity of special and promotional offers help to build an extremely competitive market out of this field, within which one has to distinguish itself.

smartHotel, a new communication tool, enables you to give a better reception to your guests, to quickly inform them about the scope of your offers and to direct them more easily. This technology, which is innovative in many respects, is going to attain the customers at the most suitable time and to create an original atmosphere, all the while avoiding the inherent difficulties in motionless systems.

By opting for smartHotel, you put the customer first as far as attention and satisfaction are concerned because you turn his visit into a high-quality stay, whatever the length. To do so, the technology we use will stimulate the communication (always in the view of giving a better reception, of better informing and directing the customer), cleverly deal with waiting times through visual animations, promote services and products (advantages, specific provisions…), and will thus strengthen the image and the positioning of the hotel which uses it. Moreover, let’s not forget that, with this new tool, the age of hand-written signs, forgotten room reservations or the tough management of some messages is now over!

Because some hotels are also responsive to the needs of the families, the children space is livened up via an arcade game which includes pieces of furniture, a monitor and strengthened joysticks.