Hygiene & Health

Some brands want to keep their basis with traditional POS-A by using multi-material display cases (cardboard, metal or plastic), windows, or signs. It is true that the communication strategies won’t be the same for a brand should it be distributing products in the selective network or on the mass market, within France or outside.

Pioneers go for new technologies and displays such as touch or linear screens which are broadcasting in a continuous loop. Via an interactive screen, the consumer is indeed turned into a “consum’actor” who can choose his product through well-defined criteria.

As to mobile phones, it will be easier to install a linear screen with passive information but which will catch the consumer’s attention in order to get the famous “seen / sold” saying back.

In each field, our design office very quickly focused its thoughts on the quality and nature of the materials, following an eco-friendly course of action, for each one of them to be able to be separated and easily reprocessed in their recycling field, and for them to meet the requirements stated in the REACH directive when produced.