Fashion & personal accessories

With a very sharp increase in 2009 (+400%), POS-A on the fashion and personal accessories market returned to its historical level in 2010 (about 10% of the POS-A market shares).

Often developed in selective networks, windows, display stands, refine storage furniture which takes up little space or multi-material “glorifiers” (which put a spotlight on a set, a pen, a pair of glasses…) represent the majority of devices they use. Moreover, in this field, the quest for design is of special importance.

As to the mass market, our design office very quickly focused its thoughts on the quality and nature of the materials, following an eco-friendly course of action, for each one of them to be able to be separated and easily reprocessed in their recycling field, and for them to meet the requirements stated in the REACH directive when produced.

Some advertisers also make their communication device more dynamic by adding screens because using the item or the product still remains the most important action for a consumer to make his choice. An innovative trend stands out: virtual fitting. Through an interactive interface, the consumer is to try on an object online.