By Alain Keraudren

(Chief Executive Officer)

Within a few years, CPIGLOBAL has become a benchmark for point-of-sale multimedia.

There are three reasons for this situation.

·         CPI’s historical position: one of the French leaders in the field of Point-of-Sale Advertisement, whose know-how is often awarded by the European POPAI Awards.

·         Its henceforth incontrovertible experience in the field of multimedia.

·         The skills of its design and production teams that have learned to combine both traditional materials of the Point of Sale and more modern IT techniques, placing CPI in a unique position as a “high-end” designer.

At CPI, we believe that we are only at the beginning of a digital revolution in the field of retail, and that a lot of territories are still to be explored. For it to be successful, we must very well understand what brings the consumers to the act of buying.

A few figures

  • 280 employees (40 of which are assigned to creation, research and development)
  • Turnover: € 31 million
  • 3 integrated production sites (16,500 m2)
  • 1 logistical site (4,000 m2)
  • Member of the producer college POPAI (The Global Association for Marketing at Retail)

Presentation of CPIGLOBAL

The grouping, within one single company, of two different activities (Industry & Services), forms a unique whole enabling the projects we are entrusted with to be coherent, an optimization of the costs and the necessary reactivity for the Market’s demands.

Bringing together the whole of the “Point-of-Sale Marketing” know-how, CPIGLOBAL is the one and only architect in the field of POS-A to simplify your course of action and to ensure the success of your projects.

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  • Design and manufacture, from the model to the finished product
  • 1 creation agency / 1 design office (30 people assigned)
  • 3 company-owned factories (Plastic, Metal, Cardboard)
  • Multi-material subcontracting (China – Eastern countries)
  • Expertise in all kinds of cardboards development (eco-design – FSC certification)
  • Perfect command of plastics converting (fine cabinet-making, injection, thermoforming)
  • All types of products: Furniture, Display case, Window // Short-lived – Permanent
  • Mass Market / Selective retailing


  • Digital display & interactive terminals
  • Multi-sensory marketing (sound & smell)
  • Mobile applications
  • 60 specialists: developers / project managers / technical experts
  • Specialist in digital solutions for hotel business and real estate
  • 4,000 terminals, 12,000 screens

  • Storage and installation
  • 10 Merch experts: Project managers / Logistics and development manager
  • 1 national logistical platform (4,000 m2)
  • 120 installers spread over 12 regional base areas
  • Control and real-time monitoring of the interventions through the Internet (CPI Report)
  • Rapid intervention all over France and Europe
  • Menber of EFMG

  • Design and creation of signage devices for brands, hotels and real estate agencies
  • Design and production of electronic devices
  • Online shop for real estate networks (www.bmservices.fr )
  • Designer of the smartHotel solution (multimedia signage for hotels)
  • Digital print, marking, engraving and manufacture



  • Graphic and structural design
  • Research and development
  • Multi-material design
  • Digital Media production


  • 3-4-5 shafts manufacture
  • Injection, thermoforming
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Assembly and packaging


  • Metal, wire, tube transformation
  • Digital folder and punching machine
  • Epoxy painting line


  • Cardboard production
  • Laminating, Rembord,
  • UV rays varnishing and lamination
  • Integrated form and cutting workshop
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