décembre 13, 2020



Quality and Safety are major themes on which CPIGLOBAL pays particular attention.
The evolution of the regulatory environment and the growing demands of our customers in terms of Quality, Safety and Environment, lead us to constantly rethink our approach to these topics (product developments, materials used, customer audits, etc.)
In this context, CPIGLOBAL confirms its desire for continuous improvement in Quality and is committed to the following ambitions:

  • Seek the full satisfaction of our clients by constantly adapting our achievements to their current and future needs, and assessing their satisfaction,
  • Continuously adapt Quality to our organization by deploying operational monitoring documents,
  • Formalize the QS actions deployed to define production standards useful to employees:
    • deployment of control procedures for our productions,
    • removal of the most harmful chemicals, etc.
  • Strengthen the protection of our employees, improve their working conditions, by reorganizing our production sites, investing machines and making available the necessary safety equipment,
  • To carry out services in accordance with legal requirements, carrying out regular regulatory monitoring, managed by the QSE service,
  • Create an environmental commitment and be recognized as a citizen company, respecting the commitments of the Environmental Policy,
  • Building our future by sharing and developing the skills of our employees, suppliers and subcontractors.